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How long will it take to build a custom garage addition in Phoenix?

Briefly, depending on the specifics of the garage addition, it can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Why?

First of all, when building a garage that is truly a custom design, the first stage is the completion of the custom design (the blueprint). Further, it is always important to consider the specifics of the soil and terrain to make sure that the foundation is a good match for the expected flow of water on your property in in Phoenix.

Once the design is complete and the permits are issued (plus the financing has been secured), then one of the next big factors that can influence how long the actual construction takes is... the weather. If there are no delays from severe weather, then the construction of the garage addition in Phoenix can at least begin to be built in as little as a week (if there are absolutely no delays relating to all of the initial "paperwork").

So, completion time for custom garage renovations in Phoenix can range from many weeks (for large custom garage additions) down to a few days (like for building a garage addition as a conversion from an existing carport). If you just want a custom renovation of an existing garage, the smallest jobs can be done in several hours (for the very simplest garage remodels, which would not even require building permits from the city of Phoenix).

What are the steps for building the garage addition in Phoenix?

Before the actual construction stages, there are the pre-construction stages, including the survey of the property, the architectural drafting of the blueprint, the obtaining of building permits, and the financing of the construction. In some cases, Phoenix home owners will have completed all of those steps before contacting a garage construction contractor. However, our garage builders in Phoenix can also help you to complete all of these steps of planning and preparation.

Next comes the actual construction. Typically, that involves preparing the ground (leveling the earth) to be ready for pouring the concrete foundation. Then, the crew will set up the boards that will form the wet concrete as it dries (plus place the grid of steel for reinforcement). Once the slab is ready for framing, then the frame can be built, plus electrical wiring can be added. Once the wiring is ready, then one of the next steps is the installation of the garage door and the opener.

Later, roof trusses will be attached and then the roof decking and exterior roof will be installed. At that point, the new garage addition in Phoenix is functional, but still not quite complete.

Once all the relevant inspections have been completed by the staff of the city of Phoenix, then the interior walls can be finished (including insulation and drywall/ sheetrock). One of the last steps is typically the completing of the exterior with siding, stucco, and/or painting,

How much will it cost for the garage builders to construct a custom garage addition?

Naturally, the cost of custom garage construction jobs will be easier to estimate once the main details of the desired garage are clear to the estimator. With any big job, there will be a few variables that will allow people to keep the basic costs low (like the exterior surface of the garage and the angle of the roofline).

When you contact a garage addition estimator in Phoenix through this site, it is best to let us know your top priorities, such as "curb appeal," keeping the budget modest, urgency of fast completion, or something else. To request your consultation now, click contact your new garage addition contractor.

Check out these four "before and after" pictures of a custom garage addition:
(and then scroll down to see the full set of construction photos from during the building of this garage.)

Room Addition & Garage in Phoenix
Room Addition & Garage in Phoenix
Room Addition & Garage in Arizona
Room Addition & Garage in Arizona

Here is a detailed slideshow of some of the first stages in the construction of the above garage addition (plus an attached room addition and finally the new wooden fence):

Here is a before & after picture of a garage with attached guest suite

The concrete slab is poured and ready for framing:
Custom Garage Construction
Almost done: (click to see more pictures of this one)

A rather basic 2-story garage (attached to the home):

building a Custom 2-story Garage
After (prior to final painting of exterior to match the home)
building a Custom 2-story Garage

Here is an RV garage with an attached guest house

This is not only a great place to park a motor home:
Custom RV Garage with attached apartment
but also a guest house: (click to see more photos)

Here is the interior of a massive 2-story high RV garage

During the construction:
Custom RV Garage Construction
the completed RV garage: (click to see more pictures of this one)

This is a smaller custom-built RV garage.
(To see all of the photos from that project, including a room addition & other renovations, click RV garage.)

RV Garage construction
building an RV Garage in Phoenix

This detached garage was originally planned as an attached garage:

building a Custom Garage with a loft
After: (click for a photo gallery that explains why the original plan was altered)
building a Custom Garage with a loft

Here is a detached garage that includes upper stories:
(To see more photos of the construction of this garage, click here: garage addition.)

Custom Home Addition & Garage Construction in Phoenix
Custom Home Addition & Garage Construction

Here is a custom-built addition of a detached 2-car garage w/ a workshop in the back:

Custom Home Additions & Detached Garage Construction in Phoenix
After: (Click for more)
Custom Home Additions & Detached Garage Construction

This carport was extended and enclosed to convert it to a garage

converting a carport to a garage near Phoenix
After: (click for more info)
carport-to-garage conversion in Phoenix AZ

Here is a custom-built garage addition with a 2nd-story loft (in the mountains of Arizona):

building a Custom Garage with a loft
After: (click for a photo gallery showing the entire construction process)
building a Custom Garage with a loft

This new garage was part of a major home improvement prior to re-sale:

Before: (as in very early in the process)
building a Custom Garage with a 2nd story
After: (click for photos of the facelift in the front plus a backyard room addition)
building a Custom Garage with a 2nd story

HomeAdvisor reports that most garages built near Phoenix cost between
$9,000 and $44,000 to build, with an average of about $26,500 (as of 2-28-2018).
Custom garage additions tend to be higher than average in cost.


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custom garage additions in Phoenix, Arizona

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