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FAQs: "How fast can my new garage be built?"

Briefly, the actual construction process can range from a few days to several weeks. Further, depending on how available our garage contractors are currently, they may be able to begin building your new garage within a few days or it may be several weeks before they are available to begin the main stages of construction. However, there can also be a few other priority steps that may be required prior to the actual construction.

Pre-construction stages

Before the actual construction of your new garage, other steps that may be relevant are a thorough inspection of the construction site, the completion of architectural designs, and then applying for a building permit. In some cases, you as the homeowner may also need some time to obtain sufficient financing to at least begin the construction. The biggest issue in regard to how long the pre-construction stage takes is the simplicity or complexity of the new garage that you would like our garage contractors to build for you.

Simpler, standard garages vs custom garages

In most cases, new garages that will be built according to common designs can be approved very quickly for permits. Relative to complex floor plans or jobs that involve integrating intricate rooflines, a simple garage is going to be faster to build. Plus, a garage with a common floor plan will typically pass inspection by city officials fast and with no need for any additional modifications or inspections.

So, it is possible for our garage builders to construct an entire small garage addition from the ground up in one weekend, although larger jobs will take a few weeks at a minimum. For large custom garage construction projects involving unusual building plans, the pre-construction stage can take a few weeks (just to get the paperwork ready to apply for the building permit, plus for the application to be processed and the permit to be issued). On the other extreme, building a metal garage can take less than a single day.

Garage doors: standard vs custom

Also, as another simple issue that can affect how long the construction of the garage takes is the type of garage door. If you select a popular model for your new garage doors and opener, then the garage builders can quickly obtain them and install them for you. In contrast, if you are selecting one of the least common models of garage door to be installed, then that may need to be special-ordered or even custom-produced.

Relax: you can avoid stressful confusion by hiring our A+ rated garage construction contractors

Many people value the assistance of an experienced garage builder to help them sort out the major options that are best for them. After the big decisions have been made, then it can be quite easy and fast to fill in the secondary details. So, do not worry about it if you have never considered details like whether you should get a garage door opener with a belt-drive or with a chain-drive, because that is totally normal.

We can help you to simply prioritize all the issues and to quickly and easily select the options that you will continue to appreciate year after year. To request a consultation with a garage construction supervisor, click HERE now.

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