Typical costs for the construction of a new garage

According to Home Advisor, the nationwide average for paying a company to build an average-sized garage for you is about $25,000. That includes the total cost to design and build the new garage, including the materials plus the building permit. (To see costs just for the materials, click here.)

The chart to the right shows that there is a big range of construction costs (depending mainly on the size of the new garage). For instance, will it be an attached 1-car garage or a big multi-story barn-style detached garage?

On the left below is a typical 2-car garage. In the photo on the right below, notice that an addition of a 1-car garage was later attached to the original garage. Building an attached 1-car garage like that will typically cost much less than the nationwide average.
before and after picture of building a new attached 1-car garage next to the original 2-car garage (BEFORE) before and after picture of building a new attached 1-car garage next to the original 2-car garage (AFTER)
More costly would be the custom garage addition on the far right. We can give you a bid for building a custom garage like that one on the far right, which would include the extra costs of all the special features: the high ceilings, lots of windows, custom cabinets, plus an epoxy-coated floor. (So, it is not just the size that matters!)
A new multi-story garage (like the one on the left) can be even more expensive. Big barn-style detached garages with second-stories or lofts can cost at least as much as it would cost to build a guest house addition. (To see photos from building a garage like that, click here.)

So, is the size of your new garage the only factor in how much it will cost? No, there are many other issues (like whether the garage will be attached or detached).

Another factor in cost will be the construction material and the amount of additional insulation, if any. The garages with the lowest cost (and the least insulating) are metal garages. Next best is the standard wood or "stick-built" garage. Even better (in terms of better insulation but also with higher initial construction costs) is masonry block (or brick).

In fact, on the extreme of lowest costs, if the garage will be built by enclosing an existing carport that already has a roof and several walls, that will greatly reduce the total costs (plus construction time). To learn more about estimating the cost for the construction of your new garage, select one of the options on the far left.

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