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FLORIDA GARAGE BUILDERS in Orlando: new garage construction + garage conversions & remodeling.

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Our garage contractors in Orlando will build your new structure for you from the ground up! Do you need a new attached garage, detached garage addition, carport, RV shelter, barn, or even just a new storage shed? Whatever you need, our garage builders in Orlando can build it for you! We will handle everything you need (including the initial inspection of the property, obtaining any required building permits, & preparing the ground for the foundation and the rest of the garage construction process). To request an estimate now, click here: new garage construction estimates.

A. Converting a carport TO a garage
If you want our garage construction pros to build you a new garage by enclosing the existing carport, let us know by clicking here: carport to garage conversions.

B. Converting FROM a garage
Many people who now have an attached garage have determined that they need more interior space for their home. So, they would like our contractor in Orlando to convert their existing garage to some other use (whether that is a standard, permanent conversion or only a partial conversion that is legally just "garage remodeling"). Further, since they may still need a secure place to park their car, when someone hires our contractor to convert their existing garage in to an interior living space, then it is not unusual for them to also have a new garage built at the same time. (In fact, with many zip codes & HOAs, there is a legal requirement that when converting your existing garage to a room, you must also add a new covered parking shelter.) To request an estimate now, click here: garage conversion estimates.

If you already have a garage, plus you want our garage contractors in Orlando to make it a little different from how it is, we can help. Small garage remodeling jobs include typical home improvements projects that happened to be located inside your garage (like adding built-in shelves, overhead storage, cabinets, windows, & lofts), plus projects like resurfacing of the cement floor of the garage (like with epoxy coating or acid-staining). Other garage renovations are for repairs or restoration (like for cracking concrete foundations, leaning garages, plus rebuilding after fire damage or storm damage). To request an estimate now, click here: garage renovation estimates.

FAQs (Frequently-Asked Questions)

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