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Frequently-Asked Questions
(about garage construction)

FAQs: Costs to build a garage

"What is the average cost nationwide to have a garage built?"
According to Home Advisor, the nationwide average for paying a contractor to build a garage for you is just under $25,000, although a lot depends on the garage itself. For more details, scroll down and keep reading. To see a quick chart of the local price data for garage construction in Phoenix, click HERE.

Typical garages will usually cost between $35 and $50 per square foot. Obviously, the size of the garage is the biggest factor in the overall price.

On the high end, detached 3-car garages with second-level lofts (barn-style) can cost at least as much as it would to build a guest house addition.To see a chart of several renovations along with the average cost (and average increase of future resale value), including garage additions with building expenses ranging up to $50,000 or even $80,000, click this link: garage additions.

On the low end, imagine building a small, 1-car garage on to the side of the house (an "attached" garage addition). If there is already a suitable foundation (of concrete slab), that saves money and time.

In some cases, there is a porch or carport that already has a roof over the concrete, so building the garage can be almost as simple as just adding one or two full walls, plus framing the front side where the garage door will be installed. So, to build a garage by enclosing a carport or converting a porch can be much faster and cheaper than building a detached garage where there is not even a foundation or flat terrain.

Total costs can range from well over $10k to as little as a few thousand dollars (rarely). A lot will depend on the size of the garage and the specific materials, like a garage with solid brick walls or masonry blocks will cost a lot more than converting a metal-roofed carport to a very basic garage with metal siding and a metal roof (although that cheaper option will not be suitable in all climates or circumstances).

"Why is there such a big range in the costs of garage construction?"
After considering the size of the garage (like 1-car, 2-car, RV, etc), the two basic factors in the construction cost will be cost of the materials and the cost of the labor. Of course, the labor costs can be different with different construction companies, unlike the cost of materials.

You may be interested in skimming an article on the minimum costs of materials for construction of a garage. For a detached one-car garage, material expenses generally start at $8500 (at least). For a detached two-car garage, it will be a few thousand dollars more than that.

Also, conversions of an existing carport in to a newly enclosed garage can cost less than half of that. To request a quote or estimate, click HERE.

If price is a major concern for you, let your estimator know. For some people, the biggest priority is matching the garage to the exact appearance of their home (from the roofing materials down to the lighting accessories). Other people have said, "I just need it to be legal and functional, plus I need it done as soon as possible." Whatever your situation (from early stages of planning to requesting an in-person visit and written bid), just let us know when you contact us.


FAQs: Planning & Financing

"Do I need to have a PERMIT already or can you help with that?"
We can help with getting building permits in Phoenix.

"Do I need to have a BLUEPRINT already or can you help with that?"
We can help with blueprints, designs, and plans, etc....

"Do I need to have FINANCING already or can you help with that?"
We can help inform you about the best options for the financing of your garage construction project in Phoenix.


FAQs: How long will it take?

"How fast can my garage be built?"
Briefly, it can range from a few days to several weeks. Garage construction projects that are performed according to common floor plan designs can be approved quickly for permits, then built quickly, and will typically pass inspection by city officials with absolutely no complications or surprises.

It is possible for our garage builders in Phoenix to construct an entire small garage from the ground up in one weekend, although larger jobs will take a few weeks at a minimum. At the other extreme, for large custom garage construction projects involving unusual building plans, just getting a building permit approved could take longer than it would take for the builders to complete a small garage addition.

Also, as another simple issue that can affect long long the construction of the garage takes, if you select a popular model for your new garage doors and opener, then the garage builders can quickly obtain them and install them for you. In contrast, if you are selecting one of the least common models of garage door to be installed, then that may need to be special-ordered.

Many people value the assistance of an experienced garage builder to help them sort out the major options that are best for them, then quickly fill in the secondary details. If you have never considered details like whether you should get a garage door opener with a belt-drive or with a chain-drive, that is totally normal. We can help you prioritize the issues to quickly and easily select the options that you will continue to appreciate year after year. To request a consultation with a garage construction supervisor in Phoenix, click HERE now.



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HomeAdvisor reports that most garages built in Phoenix cost between
$8,300 and $41,000 to build, with an average of just under $25,000 (as of 12-31-2016).

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